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Chris Rock Rocks!

Chris Rock has been stunning fans and critics alike during his first UK tour. Test.


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@wobbly585 How do you know they do all that?

John Veitch

@purplenurps Oh you mean black people who work, look after their wives and families and are never ever at risk of being arrested. You know intelligent , smart well-spoken men and women.


video title fail


I LOVE his voice

jojo bontsbonts

wow notice how all the brits teeth are handicapped

Amos Charles

So True…but why I have to see UNC Political ad here…steups


it's great!!!!


Shut the fuck up Jesus Christ, what's your problem? There are fucking racist comments on this video, why the fuck are you bothered with me calling them white?


Read it slowly


you know, black on the outside and white on the inside

Koontah Kentay

yea their heads are up their asses lol


better in what way? that's a dumb statement


Go to Bath next time, or Chippenham. Listing off the spots you've been to is like judging America because you've been to Detroit, Flint, Pittsburg and New York City.


0:15 white black people haha

Surya Selvam

he did..there's even a vid on youtube. try searching

Tris Desnos


F.S saeed

i will love dave chappell to come to london ….. that wil be The day ..


Don't take it too seriously. Remember it's COMEDY.

bibi man

what's your problem? it's true, in Europe, one Euro worths more than one Dollar…he's just trying to make fun of it…he is not offending anyone!

Uriel Sánchez Ruiz

Triplesod get a life…


Another p.s. for you…

Paul McGrath was one of my favourite people in the World when I was a kid.

What about Phil Lynott?


P.s. I always pronounced it as "The Doyle".

How is it actually pronounced? Luckily, you Irish are used to humouring us Brits, because I'm sure I would have looked a right tit speaking about "The Doyle" as though I have the slightest knowledge of Irish politics.


I think yours is my favourite post from YouTube (and I have been here from near the beginning). Some may say that isn't too hard, as the majority of posts appear to come from quadrupedal cretins who bang at their keyboards with fists until a word they recognise appears.
For some reason (since we are generalising nations.. or at least I was), Ireland always produces the most brilliant wits: GBS, Wilde and, well, Morrissey has Irish blood. My point is, I love your remark about Maggie!:-)

sham sublic

its actually spelt Dáil but not preannounced like either Dial" or "Doyle. it will take a long time before there is a black president (not that president means anything here). twenty years ago if you saw a black guy in eire it was probably lenny henry or paul mcgrath. that has changed greatly since then, but a black president in my life time… i just don't see it.. i agree with everything you said, except the part about Thatcher being a woman..cheers.


P.s. Do you spell it "Dial" or "Doyle"?


Whoops. I see you are Irish. Sorry about that, you obviously know about UK politics and Thatcher (and most probably hate her as much as us from anywhere north of Watford!). And, obviously, you also have your own female President in Mcaleese and had the other Mary in the early 90's (sorry, I forget her name).
I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on a black President of Eire, mate? And the number of people of an ethnic minority in the Dial? Cheers mate.

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