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FNC vs VIT Highlights | LEC Spring 2021 W2D1 | Fnatic vs Team Vitality

FNC vs VIT Highlights | LEC Spring 2021 Week 2 Day 1 | Fnatic vs Team Vitality Full Series/Day playlist: …


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  1. I mean it had to be a win… when ur not winning agaist ViT, U don't belong to the LEC…..but the saddest part is…getting carried as a carry in a stomp….getting a win but having negativ stats….skill gap already shown up

  2. definetly the most agressive team in lec right now. Hyli and bwipo super agressive. selfmade and upset too. nisqy follows up. hmm might be a better team then expected. will see if they can keep up and not get too cocky

  3. Ya wtf what happened during the first two matches of FNC is still a mystery. Pretty sure their coach just said play the match as if it’s an ARAM

  4. Even if renekton is a champ that they dont like/think its bad, I'm glad they're picking it cause they literally play to fight and skirmish, which renek is best at

  5. hmm , if we ignore some mistakes over here and there , i can a disgustingly strong performance from fnatic in this game , they gave us and idea about how season 2021 should be played , meanwhile nisqy idk wth he is doing

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