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Hrithik Roshan unveils Kites in London

Bollywood heartthrob hits the red carpet in Leicester Square to promote the international version of his movie Kites. Submit your videos at …


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Mayank Bisht

Hrithik should try in Hollywood too!
greetings from Los Angeles..!!


Kites is one of my fav Hrithik movies. I thought their performance and chemistry was great.

John Kane

hahahhaha she says he is "huge"

Stephanie Medianero

I loves hrithik roshan!!


@geligurl thank you


hrithik roshan is the finest man in the world. my opinion

wendy cavill

Barbara Mori Ochoa,february 2th 1978,Montevideo Uruguay
she's precious but her english is very bad,have lot problems.

vikas nair

Continued from below……Hollywood makes movies in a universally accepted medium of communication and therefore it’s bound to appeal to a larger mass. Whereas Bollywood makes movies only in Hindi and still has a huge demand the world over being dubbed and subtitled in various languages. Also going by the statistics, "My name is khan" is supposedly the highest grossing crossover movies ever in USA. So kindly treasure your comparitive statements to your goodself

vikas nair

I would definitely like to complement the narrator of this episode for being ridiculously ignorant of the enormity and impact of Bollywood in world cinema. Her comments “how could a director like Bret Ratner get involved in something like this” can only be garnished with well seasoned rotten tomatos
Honey! Please get your facts polished about Bollywood. It is the largest film making industry in the world.

Avani Moda

It's such a shame that Brett Ratner edited Hrithik's dance routine! Come on you Westerners, you want to wear bindi's, tan yourselves to become brown and eat curry as though you guys invented it, yet you want to take out the best thing from an Indian film, which is dance and music! That's what makes Indian films stand apart from the rest! You've taken out a vital ingredient from its famous recipe. If you don't like the 'dance and music' don't watch the movie! You do have a choice you know!


another arguement. they should change youtube into youdrama. -_-

the narrator sounds bored. lol!!

Cliff Desa

Movie is good but
din like the ending its crap ………

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