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I Paid 5 Strangers On Fiverr To Retouch The Same Photo

I sent my professional portrait to 5 different image retouchers to see how they would edit it. My Presets + http://www.jessicakobeissi.com/actions-presets/ Follow …


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Jessica Kobeissi

don’t be sad jessica ???

Eva g

your not in the wrong ):

Eva g

leave the video up !!!

Anirake Zz

Is this the video she was referring to during her live?? Can someone leave the models insta? Not gonna hate or anything just wanna see more pics of her ?

Jamie Kelly

$100 almost looked like facetune. The rest were amazing


5 is okay… but I really love the $100 one…a whole pic feel alive!!!

Lydia K.

Which was her favorite out of all of them?

Galactic Giraffe

$20 wins for me!! $100 looks super over highlighted & unnatural! $250 is good with warmer tones but $20 is not that much different! Cool video comparisons!! Ive been wanting to try fivr and this helps give an idea of the quality of work that is out there!

Carolina Stokely

50 & 100 were my fav!!!


the 20 dollars version is the best


The 52 $artist is the bomb


I prefer the orginal over any retouched image.her is natural and beautiful before any retouch.she looks like art.after retouch she looks like plastic .

Christina Stephens

Wow all of these were so good


I think #4 was the worst one out of the 5.

Ana Milena Hincapie

I absolutely loved the $100 one!

P Isidro

The 250 really stands out, but I'm most drawn to the 20

Cristian Pestillos

Love this content ❤️


100 was the best!


Honestly, I liked the priciest the least.

Reagan Butler

they’re all pretty, but the $100 one just looks too edited to me ig


fav is 100 least is 250

Mango In Euphoria

My favorite ones are the cheapest ones. Probably because it’s closer to the original picture. I think we don’t need too much photoshop in this world – it’s beautiful to stay a minimum true to ourselves to have an organic connection with people ❤️

Andrea Bell

Interesting… I run a magazine and the thing that stuck out to me was more the bits in the background. That would have been the first thing I would have sent back for. They all did a fantastic job!

The Sarge

Wow it’s amazing. I love it


The 5 dollar seem good though ?

Aerial Rose

The $100 image was actually my favorite. I thought the $250 would be the best to me, but it wasn’t. But they were all good, even the $5 image was really good!


I think the $50 dollar one was my favorite. Also very professional.

Arki Kali

The $5 and $20 ones were actually my favorites.

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