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McAvoy to play del Toro's Hobbit?

Speculation is rife as to who will play Bilbo Baggins in Guillermo del Toro’s two-part adaptation of The Hobbit. Test.


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Nate M.

It might have been better if he had directed it. Actually no doubt it would have been. Very disappointing movies.


What is he saying? I am unsure at James McAvoy right now?


@JaceRendal How could that be Peter Jackson if they ask him if he would be working closely with Peter Jackson? No dude, that's Guillermo del Toro, who directed the Hell Boy movies. Jackson could not have named a better director for the 2 Hobbit Movies. Del Toro has always executed tremendously as a director, and loves to REALLY tell the story in a tasteful an riveting manner. I am very excited about this project.


what Peter Jackson was the best!! :S he had better do it like the book :l

Michael Bensley

@KulakxFilms How do you know that? Sorry, I am not saying I don't believe you but it is quite a hefty claim, or am I just missing something very obvious xD


ok but this guy step down from the project, its just peter jackson directing it

gfdg gfdgfdg

@VioletteChevre Lots of the cast are respected actors who have bin in big well known roles..


No, Damn it! They should get an unknown cast like they did in LOTR Instead of these pre-existing jokes. One important key to LOTR's success was the cast was perfectly fitted for their roles, because most the actors aren't tied to any well known past performances. Thus they couldn't be judged based on their previous projects and made the movies that much more epic.

Durins Bane


He made movies too childish!! omg we are doomed!!

Well…maybe not… but the movie might be.


dont fuck it up or alot of ppl will hunt u down hellboy sucked so bad lotr didint so…. DONT FUCK UP -.-


Well, Guillermo del Toro left the production this past May…so Peter Jackson is producing, co-writing AND directing this movie! It's still in pre-production, it seems, but it looks like things are finally getting under way.


@tmage01 You're making the classic mistake, one that people always risk making with a movie that came after a book and is BASED ON the book. Don't go watch the LOTR movies as if Tolkien himself directed it, it's the story through the eyes of Peter Jackson.

Sam Uel

I wouldn't mind to see Gullermo Shirtless 😉


I really hope it turns out to be great movie. It would be really disappointing if it wasn't after how amazing the Lord of the Rings trilogy was.


@patlboyle He only fucked up on blade 2


del toros not doing it now is he ?


As much as I adore James McAvoy, I don't like the idea of him playing Bilbo. I think one of the many reasons that Lord of the Rings was so successful was that there weren't really any huge actors in there. Don't get me wrong, some were obviously well known, like Hugo Weaving, Ian Mckellen etc, but still not exactly 'A-List' regarded.
I prefer the idea of a new-coming actor for Bilbo, as the audience wont be hyped up just because of a 'huge name', and can concentrate more on the film itself.


Anybody who thinks Guillermo Del Toro is gonna screw The Hobbit up, has not seen enough of his movies. The man is brilliant. He's a great story teller. He is working well within his genre of films and has perhaps made some innovations in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre.


Well, Bilbo Baggins hasn't grown older, but Ian Holm did.
He is too old to play Bilbo in the Hobbit movie, that guy
turns 80 in the next Year 😉
But yes, it would've been amazing if Ian Holm could play Bilbo.

TheNight Show

@Gatita089 what? NO. Benicio del Toro is known for his roles in "The hunting" or so…or in the most recent one Wolfman, HE IS THE MAIN CHARACTER.

TheNight Show

@HeadShootingMaster well yes…the hobbit. Though I'm receving recent news that the mexican Guillermo del Toro is not going to make it?!!! why the hell is that?!!!!

TheNight Show

Why the hell we need a different Bilbo Baggins other than Ian Holm? I mean when he finds the Ring, is Ian Holm, and after all those years he hasn't grown older I mean told by Gandalf himself! So why the hell do we need to show him, quite younger, that has no sense!

Potato Kun

Okey, i need to ask this
Can somebody tell me if someone is going to make a new movie of The Lords Of The Rongs?
I'm about to cut my balls for the happines of the new movie of LOTR…


@Zingerphile …all we can do is hope…see you opening night …..


@JaceRendal oh yea, right after ending LOTR he got on a yogurt diet and dropped a whole bunch of weight.


is anybody else terrified? i mean ..ive heard so many things like…guillermo is so unique and original….but i dont think we need a director to be unique… we need a director to be accurate. not to say that he dosnt know what hes doing but there is a time an a place for experimentation. not when the characters have already been established…but its like all the rest this was fucked since jump street


They were good movies, they just werent the Lord of the Rings. He changed so much that it was was like watching something else entirely. He butchered chars like Eowyn, and Denethor. He lingered on things that weren't important, like his 10 minute scenic tour of his country near the end of the 3rd movie and then complained he didnt have enough time to include things that should have been in it.Read the books. He had a classic to work from. He got some right but it should have been so much more.

Elthros Gaming

i dont think it was a bad idea for peter to hand in the script to del toro, because i am a fan of del toro's work and of peter jackson, peter jackson is more into the storyline and guillermo's skill for the way he creats his monsters and characters is amazing and unique, i think guillermo will do a great job

Elthros Gaming

@dadedraak he si also producer too, screenwriter aaswell, he is talented

Billy Pilgrim

Well just know this, whoever directs the movie(s) will have know problems making it a badass one. The reason there's to much money that could be made or lost so aint know clown gonna be doing it. I mean the book is the script, Sh%t I could direct and make the studio money.


As long as it's anyone else but that idiot Peter Jackson directing then fine. He'd have hobbits shooting lasers in this one, if given half a chance. And to think that the scriptwriter, his 'wife', got an oscar for the way she butchered the Lord of the Rings… Tolkien is spinning in his grave.


I meant director of course…


Peter Jackson is still the best producer on the planet, so it saddens me that he is not going to do The Hobbit. Peter is just the man…


to clarify my last comment…I meant part 1 should be 3 hours and then part 2 should be 3 hours


P.S. the length of both parts 1 and 2 of the Hobbit should be about 3 hours…Im serious…its the perfect length

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