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Observe ! / Le processus de détachement

From the Pegomas retreat, May 2010, South of France.
The more often that you see you are caught… that is what is important…


Qu'en pensez-vous?

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  1. Obviously until we are God we need a mind to interpret information. When we share God's Mind all is understood and all is love. We move from perception to Knowing. Until then we process our soul scripts through the interpreter we call the Holy Spirit. These are still concepts but like you said "everything is a concept" even God. Are you God? At times I would say He definitely speaks through you <3

  2. This is wonderful stuff to no-mind Jac I am thoroughly enjoying watching you! But I have to ask… who did your make up? And who is doing the talking? Your translator is like your mind, that is your language script. What about purpose, and Soul scriptures? I read somewhere that we make 9 soul level commitments before mind comes into being. But then who is asking the questions because ~I~ already knew the answer! The point is I is not spearate from Source except in illusions.

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