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Oprah Winfrey interviews members of Whitney Houston's family less than a month after her death

Oprah Winfrey interviews Whitney Houston’s brother, daughter and sister-in-law less than a month after the singer’s death. Report by Emma Clark. Like us on …


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Kay Shabazz


Zafarah Bey



9/11 USA, 3/11 Madrid, 2/11 Whitney… all sacrifices to the same "God"… those who know, will understand what I'm saying…


Pat & gary lyin asses

Violet Amethyest

Whitney Houston was a drug addict! but Pat & Gary Garland def have something to hide!

nadeem raza



"Looking for love in all the wrong places" I wonder if she was hinting at those lesbian rumors?

Den Bishop

Leave Pat and Gary alone. Whitney had a mind and a will of her own and she made her own decisions. She chose to play with fire and paid the price.


lie lie lie , the Truth has come out and is coming out soon …


pat can put on a show all she wants, hell her stupid husband too. But us Whitney fans know the truth and I hope to God that he reveals all soon enough. Pat will get what's coming to her and gary will too. What kind of man is he to let his wife drag his dead sister 's name through the mud! BTW the gary and pat are NOT Houstons, they are garlands I wish they would go by their real last name.


This is a set up… Lying Ass Pat Houston.


I finally saw this woman talk and I agree. I do not like her. There is something very guarded and unreal about her. And she lurks around Bobbi like Svengali! 🙁


I really like Pat Houston. She seems like a real, down to earth, no bullshit kind of lady and she is the only person in Whitney's life who was trying to help her get back to normal.

How can crazy eye pat blame ray j punk ass bitch but dont blame bobby brown lying ass than both play game with Whitney heart smh you no why pat dont talk bad about bobby lying ass cuz he know some shit about dem why pat and Gary talking nice about bobby lying ass they did not like him they lie about everything

Angela Muthoni Mburu

Not to Defend her or anything but different people respond differently death. some seem so fine and robot-like like Pat and others will cry from beginning to end..

Crazy eye pat lying as bitch she know what happen to Whitney on 2/11 i think crazy eye pat and Gary set up Whitney


i don´t know why patricia obviously lied, because she said whitney had no issues with drugs (cocaine) any more, which is not true when the autopsy report stated the opposite. and she was, like she said, every time around her as her manager.

Keena Campbell

You know I never really trusted Patricia. I don't care how Whitney was doing! As her manager and especially sister-in-law you wouldn't dare talk bad about a person you love! She seems super fake to me!


I like How Pat was talking "Abstract" to Oprah..and how Clive was "holding" Whitney during the camera/lights…


Agreed! Its seems "All of a Sudden" the times they are "usually" there for her, they are not..How Coincidence? Not!


totally Agree with u..Unfortunately, it sounded like what she Supposedly owe is Money..and like the music industry, better dead than seems everything was happening "behind" the scenes and poor Whitney was doing this Guy's bidding..

Funny Bones 143

Hey Oprah how about hauling Pat in front of the camera again for a full and thorough explanation?


You have to pray for faith. Trust in Jehovah God and live a drug free life. Whitney was a very outstanding singer. She will be missed
You live and you learn. Through Christ all things are possible. Death is not the answer. Your trust in your Creater is the answer.

Lotta Larsson

I dont know. I just want to end my life while i have control. Whitney did whats right for her.

N. Brown

Whitney houston sister inlaw is hiding something and what so call manager would say negative things about there cilent it was all about the money with pat. Whitney RIP now these money grubbers with have go out and get a job in order to maintain there life style such liars they know exactly what happened to him God will have the last say !!!


forgot the s on brother


pats a lyin bitch she jus didnt want anybody to know gary & micheal whit brother were enabling her with drugs & doin it themselves playin dumb



Funny Bones 143

I can't understand why there is not more fuss being made about the case being closed. I am starting to feel like the character Kevin Costner plays in JFK.

Funny Bones 143

Patricia and Gary always seem to be on a flight whenever there is a major announcement. They flew out to Mexico on the day of the toxicology report and flew into LA the day the police cosed the investigation. I would have been waiting by the phone for some news. Just like with the 911 call, they seem not to care too much. Great that they got cosure. And so quick too.

Funny Bones 143

I only recenty watched Patricia's ' performance' at the funeral. Strange to say the least. Something is rotten about the whoe sorry affair. It seems so obvious to me and yet the case is closed. I must be missing the point.

Funny Bones 143

I am just perplexed. How can they close the investigation. Every pronouncement contradicts the previous one. The whole sorry saga reads like a badly written Agatha Christie. Or have I just become too cynical? The songs and the performances thankfully remain the same. Love and Peace

Funny Bones 143

And another thing…even the 911 call sounds suspicious. Couldn't transfer the emergency services to the room? Who installed that network? Who was the 'irate' assistant? I assume the police know the answer to that one. Why did the assistant provide such poor information? Can you not ring 911 direct/ You have to go through hotel security? Was time not of the essence? Sorry. Maybe I have just become too cynical. God bless you Whitney.

Funny Bones 143

Patricia said, 'it wasn’t about substance abuse or anything like that relative to the … latter days or anything like that.' How wrong was Whitney's manager, sister in law, sister protector, friend? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Raffles? Take the stand.
RIP Whitney

Funny Bones 143

You are good. I can't get over how accepting the family have been despite all the inconsistencies. Have you ever tried not returning your boss's calls the way Patricia did? Something is rotten about the whole thing. I am also bewildered that the family tell us she was trying to get clean and then find the room littered with drug paraphenalia! How hard did the police look? Strange indeed.

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