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Padma and Torsten: Relating from Love

This session is part of the online retreat on ‘Living from Love’.
For more information go to:
The session starts with meditation, the conversation with Padma and Torsten starts about 19 mins into the session.


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Klaus Konzett

When fear falls away, when the idea of being a person falls away, love and silence is realised immediately, life gives us exercises the whole life, we learn no to do, not to be the doer and the intelligence of the universe show just love over love. Everything will be seen as love also the hurtful moments, just to show us, that you are not the fragment but the whole within everyone

Bernard Guy

Thanks Torsten and Padma—and thanks Grace.

Klaus Konzett

With great respect and LOVE Klaus Konzett, Austria  

Stephen Howard

Lovely and encouraging to feel the joy radiating from the two of you together. I like the way you equated the search for love with that of truth, peace, freedom etc. Also that love itself is ultimately absolutely essential to life, even when we aren't seeing it as love.

Wendy Ayotte

I think that is a very useful reply Padma…. Clearly our so called birthright of love is not provided in many many instances. Yet, such is the inherent thirst for love, children can experience and find love in many minute experiences that can somehow sustain them. Like being in a dessert and finding water in dew drops.  Love can be found in the presence of a therapist too.  Even Freud talked of love as the heart of psychotherapy. 

Bernard Guy

For me, by now, actually, more than the love of love or peace or whatever, the love of truth for its own sake is the best, for truth takes us to the whole thing, everything, on and on, endlessly.   

Bernard Guy

There's no denying the absolutely central place of Love in it all. I love peace more ? Then I LOVE peace more. Or whatever it is. So Love is central. Yet Reality is so much more, infinitely more for all I know and experience.

Ah, Padma just pointed it too.

Wendy Ayotte

can you talk about babies and their needs or experience from the earliest moments? We always assume that a baby's birthright is love and can see the pain that arises in the absence of love. Any comments? Thanks!

Bernard Guy

I look for Reality as Love ? Then there are good chances that that's exactly what I'll find. To me, that talks more about ourselves than about the true nature of Reality. As we conceive, so we perceive. So let's be aware of of our concepts ! For me by now, Reality is clearly muti-faceted, multi-dimensional, with so many aspects to it, so many dimensions—all the known ones, which are many, with whatever else it has up its sleeveless sleeve. 

Bernard Guy

Personal in a field of trans-personal. Yes. Beautiful, and true in my own understanding and experience. There's the personality personal, and there's a quality of personalness that Being itself can manifest—regardless, as far as I'm concerned, of all the teachers and teachings that emphasizes that Reality is only trans-personal or impersonal.

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