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Papaji – Spiritual awakening in four minutes

« Papaji, I do not have any question. Let me just sit with you and show it to me! (Show me my self!) »

Four minutes of speech and four minutes of laugh and silence.
A unique oportunity to see the direct awakening of the soul.

H. W. L. Poonja (1910-1997), also called Poonjaji or Papaji, was an enlightened master in the tradition of Advaita/Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

He just melted her entire being, that may be an emotional release, but only as an outer manifestation of the fact that she just found her true home, as she got totally liberated from emotions, thoughts, memories, desires. She was taken into her deep self for an instant. Papaji probably saw her ready for such an experience. He didn’t even really say much, he just melted her into his state of mind, these things can happen in the presence of? a Sat Guru (= a true spiritual teacher), if synchronicity between the two is possible.
It is truly powerful. Now imagine being in that state eternally…
What would the world do without these gurus from India?
I love this so? much… each time I watch it, tears are rolling down… it touches me deep inside… biggest desire of my own life…

Word of caution: don’t look for the same experience as hers, everyone is different. In fact – don’t look for anything, don’t give the mind energy, be still.

More videos of Papaji you can find here:
https://www.youtube.com/user/hansaji?feature=plcp – there’s a huge selection, created by one of his lovers.


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Love and blessings
Marzia Narayani


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  1. Papaji is essentially Morpheus, saying "Free your mind, you are here, now, always".

    – So where are you?
    – I am here, now, always.
    – Alright. Would you kindly move to the other end of the room?
    – I am still here, now, always.
    – Good good. Now, fly to the other side of the Earth. Where are you now?
    – I am here, now, always.

  2. Thanks for sharing ????
    Brought tears and shiver to me
    I’ve been looking for decades , after the realization that the distance between me and the observed is zero .
    Loving this ?

  3. Amazing but Strange that sometimes we hear that we need years of practices to become spiritually awaken and sometimes like this video we realise that nothing is needed to spiritually awaken, but just be here & now. Thats it. Wao

  4. I am a cynical ass yet i am crying and laughing.
    She seems to have been relieved of some unspeakable burden.

    Good luck everyone.

    Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha

  5. "spiritual awakening in 4 minutes" 8.17 minutes later…….
    0:36 " what do you want ? you want to sit, so you sat. what next ? "
    always seeking outside ourselves, someone else has the answer. the ego says 'this is it ! then, 'this is not it' ! or it goes into imagination of 'enlightenment' if your eye be single, your body will be full of light. galatians6:For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

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