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THE HORSEMAN ON THE ROOF (aka LE HUSSARD SUR LE TOIT, France 1995) 720p; Juliette Binoche

SUBTITLES in ENGLISH available France 1995 Cast: Olivier Martinez, Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Carré, François Cluzet, Pierre …


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One of my true favorites since the first time I saw it in '99. Romantic, artful, sensual yet neither vulgar nor prudish, brutal though compassionate; an intriguing adventure well written and composed. A hero as chivalrous as he is brave, a heroin as faithful as she is captivating.

Eric Alonso

Please, unders subtitle spanish. Please!!!!


aww Angelo was so ridic chivalrous. and man that scene near the end — SPOILER AHEAD — where she almost dies and he strips her to rub her down with alcohol… it's super interesting filmmaking cuz i feel like that scene really took the place of a sex scene in a more conventional romance. like, a climactic and very meaningful scene involving nudity and strenuous physical activity, and rooted in love. only it wasn't a sex scene at all, it was survival.

Chantell Snyder

Sounds like the movie is about a platonic love affair. The ending seems to imply that one day Pauline will go to Angelo that day. Doesn't say what his letter said. Is the book just as good?


Thanks for uploading this movie, very appreciated!

Joslyn Z

Love this movie ❤️❤️❤️

Jane Smith


Diego Andrés

Beautiful film! The shot are very well composed. The script, very intelligent

Tiago Billo

Greethings from Brazil

Veronica Moss

Tres bon


thanks you so muuuuuuuuuuuch for posting it. i've been looking for it for years now but in my native language so i've never found it again. it's such a happiness to find it at least in english. you're an angel

S.A. Hogan

horror/thriller author sez: This underappreciated period gem was never more relevant than it is today (!). Much thx for posting!

Jonni Arcotti

This is an excellent film. Thanks for the upload.

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