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The Queen jokes with JLS about her TV dinners backstage at the Diamond Jubilee concert

Backstage at the Diamond Jubilee Concert, the Queen tells JLS she watches them on television and Madness ask for Her Majesty’s Cup Final tickets! Report by …


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  1. Si fuese the Best terrorist in the World activaría el chisme ese Gasto innecesario llamado HAARP sobre las Dalias por ejemplo. Así los capullos de la radio de Ibiza dejan de anunciar a Securitas Direct porque quién cojones quiere eso sí la poli da asco?
    Aparte son tan pero tan giles que si mueren todos los esclavos nadie les serviría un triste café. Vivan los feoS. Que se mueran los feos que no quede ningún ninguno de feo. Alguien ha visto gente muy fea per ay?

  2. I agree with you. She's spent 60 years on the throne, she never asked to be queen. She was just a girl, but she's worn the crown with dignity and when she said "I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service" she meant it.

  3. So right!! The CIA, the FBI and all the other agencies do not co-operate with each other, at all, on anything. Conspiracy theories are the answer to it all. National Rifle Association fights against background checks for all gun buyers, CNN talks any subject to death, as does Fox news with a different agenda. It's enough to make the great unwashed paranoid.

  4. The point wasn't the extent of a countries patriotism but patriotism itself. I would rather live in the USA where under the law it is secular than live in a technically theocratic monarchy in which the Queen is Head of state and church. Experience is important for day to day things and knowing the people. But you don't need experience to know a countries political and Justice system, they can be read and revised anywhere.

  5. The USA is in the forefront of people waving the flag and putting it outside their homes. They believe that they are the greatest, and are always being told that they they live in the "Greatest Country" in the World. Have you even been here ??

  6. I wasn't comparing them, I was contrasting them. British, French, US and German history may be different but not by much of a difference. We're not completely incompatible, we have shared history more than differed on it. Again, Britain has a constitution, we just don't have it written down and principle is enough for me. The Monarchy is outdated and should go or not be paid or have the money they have. Plus if it's a Pandora's box it won't be something unimaginable, I can imagine quite a bit.

  7. British citizens don't call the system republican, even though it is in every respect of the definition a democratic republic. We just don't possess a written constitution as the US and France does. Which is good for and bad for us. I envy the US, Germany and French on their systems because they are secular countries I don't however hold pride in our monarch or nationalism. I don't see how anyone can be proud of where they are born, a choice that had nothing to do with them.

  8. Well not very many judging by the millions that turned out for her Jubilee all year. Britain partied all year long …

    And precisely what would you have in their place. OK you knowck what is there but what is your solution to what isn't a problem?

  9. not really how many ppl who dont give a fuck about the queen are gonna be arsed to vote. so no it doesnt really. I like having a queen but only because when we go to foriegn countries we can shout her name whilst pissed out of are heads. its a mascot. but know i probably wont shed a tear when she dies becasue i dont know her. However when we have a young monarch i think it will be diffrent i think the royals will have more respect.

  10. There is a republican party in Britan that wants a referendum on whether to have a monarchy, they rarely get votes come a general election.

    Doesn't that say something?

  11. What is it with America and conspiracy theories? It seems like a new one pops up every week be it from border checkpoints 'conditioning' its citizens to Area 51 harboring aliens that are going to kill us all.

  12. What are you talking about? As I look at your content, you are defending the Royal family. But then you react on my reaction, which is pro-royal, like you don't agree with me? and I am surely you have watched the video of cgp grey, so how can you thin that I am against monarchies? Especially I live in one (not UK) and I am totally a pro-nationalist, completely when it is about keeping or rejecting my queen.

  13. Get real and learn some history. First off she pays taxes, The Crown Estates earn revenues for the Country, pay taxes and employ people who pay taxes and the Country earns millions from tourists who come here because of who we are and our Monarchy. As a Head of State the Royal Family (ie The Queen, Prince Philip and partly Prince Charles) costs less than a Presidential system would and what President would serve a Country for as long and as faultlessly as she has done?

  14. Besides that the British people should be glad that the royal family still wants to be Britisch monarch, because the family is actually losing money to the country than winning.(and for those who do not know this: taxes are cheaper because of the family:see the video of cgpgrey: The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained)

  15. Just like us? I think not! the royals and the house of Rothschild have had there dirty filthy hands in American affairs under the radar for over 200 years, pure Evil, both family's should have all there assets in America seized…….. However I do really enjoy the Sensibility of the British regular folks, Good people.

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