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US couple wins $275 million on Lottery

A US couple have won $275m on the lottery Test.


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Steve Greenberg

Rubes…These folks have the combined IQ of a 5 years old.

Dara Cubin

Yeah but its not that amount

Frank Montez

Him beside that huge pile of cash at 1:00

Julia Julz

Congrats ?


They went from the trailer park to park Avenue overnight. The shock of that cannot be understated.

Ty Jones

LOL! I love her 4 this! ??

Khaled j

If I win the. World will stop turning

John Cox

the husband look so worried he don't look happy he won


hopefully i get the donations


He looks a bit shell shocked…….and hopefully she buys herself a couple new teeth….
Hope they are still "down to earth…"
All the best.

Paola Borja

i like her! lol


There must be a script that they give to lottery winners that they must read. The script reads, "This money ain't gonna change me…"

Brick City

Can you please send me some money please I'm broke my PayPal

Savory Icon

god is kind. mercy mercy

anonym user

hillbilly u changed already…


He will leave his wife

I would be appreciated for some help

constitutional libertarian

lol UK so boring they report on the USA


Winners ! Lucky couple :))))) 

Wise Student

I want to see how they are living a year from now !!!  How has it changed their life ???   Because it Will change their life…


I am glad for this couple but the man looks like his wife is going to bully him when they get back home hahahaha 

Courtney M

Nobody needs that much fucking money like come on for real!!!

Sinaloa AirJordan

Hhhhooooooowwwwweeeeer they can smoke in that georgia sticky icky

I am a powerful soul

It's already done. .

Anthony Rossi

Dumb maggots don't even know how to spend that much money. They couldn't spend it all on hotdogs, tailers, and miller lite if they wanted too.


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When does the iron revitalize the lying direction?
The question builds the list.
The sugar liquidates the disease.


I am going to win!!!!

Ole Fella

Folks, pick 8,14,32,44,53,[23] for Mega. Play 10-15 draws straight. Win small or big, money back guaranteed!

lenovo erlano

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I am a powerful soul

May god bless them…when I win I will help family and fiends and put my 10% back in storehouse

Max Power

I've seen many videos of people winning lotteries and they're not even happy. Why play the lottery if you're gonna be sad?


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They received 164 Million after taxes


How the hell could they go public? I would tell nobody.


You should invest in a new calculater


"back in jeans as a t-shirt tomorrow"! meaning she was dressed up! jesus


naw you buggin

Xenia Burruss

0:50 look at the cash


ha ha ha can't agree with you anymore on this. Your life changes overnight.

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