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Why am I Not Enlightened Yet?


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Thomas Norman

You don't have to read anymore books… I like that… Our experiences get in the way of our knowing then we believe who we are is our experiences in lieu who we are is the awareness of our experiences is that right geez I hope I'm right about this cuz and that means I understand it's really cool to understand what you understand

Dina Hadi

I have an important message. I will attempt to write it and whoever is meant to read it will. The key to unlock further levels if Conciousness in the same thing I hear everybody talking about but then not practice in the next step. The way is to practice non-dualism. But this is practiced in every moment, taking one step and seeing the road appear. This works after cleaning the heart so it sees. By labeling a path as a direct path, judging others to be indirect, by asking people to subscribe to a certain school of thought, by letting them follow a master, you are not demonstrating non-dualism. Life itself is the path. Everybody would lead a holy once we learn to drop the 'Satan' in us, the ego, and be connected to the Divine in us, the Divine who is us, in the illusion if the form. Love 💖 & peace 🕊

Berti Bear


shawn Johnson

It's like looking for your eyes. You can see but you cannot see your own eyes, unless you look at the reflection.

Vaijayanti gulve

Such a clear and crisp explanation. Now I don't need to wait for any lightening experience to get enlightened…!! I now know that I just need to withdraw myself from the scenery to the seer…!! Thank you…!! 🙏🙏🙏

Vaijayanti gulve

Enlightenment is a fancy name given to the most ordinary experience….!!

B Sway

I was reading an interesting article about this guy who made a doco about himself meditating every day for a year and he had people looking at his brain etc to see document the effects. He said that he wasn't feeling the love peace and happiness that the media and wellness industry seem to depict as the result of meditation but instead he was becoming what he called "discomfortable" meaning learning to be comfortable with the inescapable suffering of life. He said that what he learnt was that "life sucks don't take it personally"

He says "Put another way, until now, I’ve never known how to suffer. How to sit with physical or emotional pain and know that things will probably be ok. I was never taught how to be in a blue-mood and not force myself to perk up or reach for a temporary mind-numbing distraction. I was never shown how to deal with uncertainty, disappointment, loss, and (shock, horror)… failure. But through my mindfulness training I’m learning to be ok with all this and to notice the ever-changing nature of all that is both bad and good in my life"

"In a recent conversation I had with my teacher, Timothea Goddard, she rightly pointed out that life doesn’t always suck and that good things do, and often do, happen too. She amends the expression to say; “Life sucks (and sings). Everything changes. Don’t take it personally.”


How does this make life any more bearable?

Jeffrey Prokopowicz

Enlightenment is seeing what was always there.


Yet I got the giggles just hearing that first questioner – all that weariness and angst. Somewhere there's a Buddha rolling on the floor happy, right? Or am I jaded to even wish it? Rupert is amazing; I'm here for it.

Reza Asgharzadeh

What Rupert says is a hundred percent TRUE. But it is not ENOUGH! Knowledge is NOT the same as the actual experience of unity/oneness. You just can not have the actual experience of unity/oneness in your daily life by knowledge merely and even by practice and exercises . It requires a certain grace of God ! Remember that always the FINAL step belongs to HIM ALONE! You should never ignore God's free choice and His decision/wills as the LAST act in the path of spiritual awakening.


Otherwise, the way will be open to everyone without God having a certain and special ROLE. Yes, God has a general role in all stages and along the entire way. But the general role is algebraic. Whereas the concept of God finds meaning in His special role.


Even if the unity (or non duality) became the constant experience of unity/oneness in everyday life, which is of course an extraordinary success, yet something is missing there . And that is the sweetness of LOVE . Imagine you have reached the enlightenment and your friend has fallen in love with someone even if it is temporary. Neither awareness nor the unity can love. So your friend is much more happier than you as an enlightened man .


That is the difference between Lord Krishna or the great Sufi Rumi and many other modern spiritual teachers. In Western culture and philosophy, there is a lack of love and devotion towards God and guru . On the contrarily in the eastern culture and philosophy it is love and devotion which require unity/oneness . Unity itself is not love . But love IS unity . More precisely, love means unity in diversity. That is why there is a love-relationship between devotees and gurus in the eastern culture and philosophy. You can not have a loving relationship with God without form. Guru is the form of God and His love!

Nancy Smith

So Clear, thank you for revealing the ever present Light of Awareness that IAM ❤️

Pooja Mitra

Make your movie so plain and boring that u can focus on the screen

Miguel Angel Martinez

-enlightment is not a marvelous event.
-enlightment is when you recognize the screen in the movie. And the moment you recognize
-you never ceased to be present, the screen. Awareness.
-awareness is like empty space.
-problems is the resistant of current experience
-awareness is already the light that illumines all experience.
-your atention flows bsck to its source

Diego Ambrósio

4:07, after hearing something about the movie and the screen, I started laughing and it lasted between 5 and 10 minutes.

Backroad Bender

this just seems unhelpful even though I understand that I can only be what I am. still, I can only see awakening as a change in my life with the personal ego falling away since there is some sort of change even if it might not be 'valid' to someone like Rupert.

Mohanlal Rampersad

You are not enlightened yet because when you reach that stage you will be dead.
Your problem is that you have a desire. Enlightenment means no desire.

Radical Honesty

as I watch this video
what arises in me
is how fucking unhappy I am!
I truly loathe my life.
I hate it.
I've lived pretty much my entire life
with debilitating crippling paralyzing:
suicidal depression.
the only moments of happiness in my life
come to me in fleeting windows of relief,
that never ever last long enough.
my life is agony.
I am full of:
– loneliness
– rage
– regret
– remorse
– hopelessness
– guilt
– terror
– anxiety
– aloneness

Andrew K


Eddie Neal

I've been searching for freedom from suffering all of my life, I think that's what she's looking for. I've always sought it through God. I've always been disappointed, by any concept of God I've ever had. I get angry about it. I don't want enlightenment. I want freedom from the lies and the lie that is God. Any feedback?

Pursuit of Spirit

So beautifully put thank you Rupert

Darshan Singh Mohali

Our gratitude for this divine insight about Enlightenment.
I remained aware about myself while listening to you but how to be grounded into pure awareness ie. the screen behind the mental drama?


Thank you 🙏🏻✨

Ismael M


Drygord Spellweaver

I would like it make it clear to the people in this comment section: this woman should be commended for her honesty.

An honest individual such as herself has an infinitely higher chance of finding true salvation than the endless hordes of YouTube Comment Gurus and new agers who who deluded themselves into thinking they are enlightened just because they did drugs or joined some weird new age group that separates them from their body.

Dissociation is NOT enlightenment.

You transcend by integrating, not dissociating. I can spot a fake or a demon possessed new ager from a mile away. You aren't fooling the real spiritual warriors of the earth.

Humble yourself and get right.

Roman Korber

Beautiful and funny conversation

Ana Martins



I'm not looking for enlightenment really, Is it wrong ? I'm just looking for my life to get a little lighter, For the common sense I know I must have somwhere deep down to come back. To not be abused and derailed by my own mind on the daily, Just to do the thing that is right for me, How ever lowly I may be on the ladder of spiritiual evolution. But even that seems to escape me, Seems really impossibly hard. My life is a total mess even tho I know I am not a complete dumbass and I'm haphazardly stumbling through life tying things together somehow, trying to avoid potholes or heartbreak as I go. So I don't understand this longing for enlightment, I just want to be a little better a little more sensible

Dhiraj Mirchandani


Christopher Conlogue

It often takes years of purifying our ego self centeredness through compassion, service, basically getting beyond our belief in our separate self, before we can hear the simple truth of awareness being our true identity.

Vince Callagher

Nurture your moments honey, you said you have small moments, well, there you are.


Awesome. For me, close to an event, was the first time I noticed feeling lighter, not having carried around the heavy sack of past and future for almost a week.

McKay Peacock

Man says to much🤭

Patrick Fahr

But then why ist there such a diffrence between Gurus and me? Nobody asks me about Spiritual advice. Not that i would want it but Rupert for example seems to know Something. It feels Like His light is brighter than mine which allows him to see more or more clearly. So i conclude that there must be another state to be in. Otherwise He would simply repeat, what He once learned, which again means that being a Guru needs Plain knowledge


Once you clearly know you are "already awareness" — you are only one baby step over the line from ignorance to "enlightenment." Now you have to use that awareness to discover just how much delusion is in you. You can tell yourself it's so simple and you're already free, but over the next decade or two you will discover just how self-deluded, confused and unhappy even "extremely aware" or "awakened" people are.

Mustafa Aks

it's been 10 years for me . im gonna end up like this woman.

Arlo Dante

Joe Dispenza offers techniques to really get within the body and these exercices absolutely helped me hijack my body with favorable chemicals and gene mutations. Anybody seeking enlightenment/awareness/spiritual practice could try the exercices and meditations present in his books, in particular becoming supernatural. Although, what Rupert is saying is true. We already are the awareness but focusing on a future which we create and connect to the energy of this future with an elevated emotion is really what we are looking for. It can be done. Don’t just search enlightenment because that itself is pretty pointless and senseless. Look for creating a life worth living. Focus on the feeling, feeling is the secret as Neville Goddard says. Focus on the feeling, not on the concept only, although concepts are a good way to get started.

The unamed

1) If I am eternal infinite awareness why does it feel I'm stuck in this body mind organism ?
2) why can I not feel or see what other humans are feeling or seeing?
3 ) Why is the enlightenment of knowing your awareness different from the " feeling one " with everything " type of englightement " ?
4) If what I am is unblemished inherently happy do I still " feel " the unsatisfaction of hunger and pain ( physical and mental ) even if I am conscious that these are comings and goings or appearances in awareness. It seems very dissociative to say " oh stop identifying with that " you are inherently happy whatever clouds the screen ?
Any answers from the wise would be much appreciated

Mujesh Jay Angamuthu

just too good, unimaginable clarity

Hassan Shams

She is not getting it al all. It seems like she is fumbling and stumbling and flailing to grasp something that is not even there in the dark.
You can’t desire for enlightenment, desire is done through the mind, hence you can’t strive to be enlightened using your mind.


so beautifully explained. thankyou so much


The funny thing is enlightenment is just a fancy word!!!! we are all enlightened beneath our thoughts, feelings, emotions, body, mind etc. WE ARE ALL ENLIGHTENED. the only problem is we are so caught up in the mind, that we are not able to stay still and in pure awareness. it is soooooooo easy, that is why people find it so hard.

Jeffrey Prokopowicz

You explained the unexplainable as well as is humanly possible. It seems for most people it's so difficult to "understand" that those thoughts and feelings are not who they are, and are illusory,, especially with a lifetime of identifying with them.


At 34 I had my real awakening. I dont need any master to guide me anymore and I hope everyone reaches that level. I still love listening to Rupert!!

Lisa Streitfeld

This video is a work of art. The bouquet coordinating with the plush backdrop and the lighting are extraordinary …enhancing Rupert’s divine Beingness as he describes his own state of being present in total awareness.

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