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Justin Bieber tells us his secrets

Justin Bieber gives us an insight into handling ‘haters,’ his role model and the cure for ‘Bieber fever’. Are you a Belieber? Check out our Justin Bieber playlist!


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I liked him better with his high voice,at least he didn't act gangsta back then


What about his gay secret

Ashley Warner

Î lôvê û 2îll û m446 me jûß5îñ î ma ¹8


*high five* you just read my mind.

Angela Zhang


Marina Bieber

I love you Justin <3

Jtjbjf 131

didnt work on me.

maire roberts

my bro love him

i love justin…he is a christian and he is bold about his faith i love it

Cali Ward

thats right bitches, you better bow down and respect your master JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! <3

Trina Moreau

I think this video was awesome

Jazzy Lee

Btw I found the cure for bieber fever it is called the one direction infection

ambaknapisti nokorinokodoi

BTW suddenly i punsh your face


just bitch beaver

Daniel Dereniowski

she is gay

Alyssa bieber

i love Justin but… is he wearing one of Selena's cardigans ?????

jessica simpson

there say justin is gay becouse there jeoulose

Stephanie Crane

The best part. "BTW there is no cure for bieber fever" lol i couldn't stop laughing!


he is soo cute uii <3

Robert R

Got to admit I dnt like his music but I lik him for being cristian and having faith in the lord


i keep thumbs downing things by accident ugghh

Rédiger par Pablo Servigne

Existe-il un percept sans concept ?

PLEINE PRÉSENCE – Ginette Forget – Voir Autrement (6)