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KARL RENZ : BEYOND PART 2 (english & francais)

Karl Renz: « You may see that you never lost the grace that you are. You may realize that what you are is ever realized and it never needs any more or less realization. And whatever comes on top of it, as a concept or any experience, belongs to that body-mind-organism or whatever kind of idea. It is as fleeting as this (pointing to the body). So that fleeting experience belongs to a fleeting experience. So you have to look for that permanent experience, you have to look for this omnipresence, which is never coming or going, which is the essence of any circumstance and not depending on any change. That is the basis of existence, which is your nature, which is silence and cannot be interrupted by anything, nor given by anyone. No-one can teach it to you or un-teach you that. It cannot be taken, so it cannot be given. So be as you are. And see the dream, or that first notion of existence, which is the second as you are the experiencer of that. You are simply prior to any concept or any experience. And that separate experiencer, if it would be real it would be permanent, but it is always changing, moment by moment. Simply see, that what can change cannot be what you are. As there was in every given moment since you were born, there is that, which is pure perception, which was never changed by anything that was ever perceived or by any circumstance. And see, that relative perceiver, which is changing every moment or every day, is simply part of the scene. But you are that what is in-no-sense. Whatever you can sense is imagination, fleeting shadows, empty or dead you may say. But this life that you are, which is absolute, cannot be touched by that. So be that unborn. And not taking that mistake, becoming a me-steak, for real. With this mistake the whole drama starts. The psychic hospital of the world comes with that mistake: Taking whatever you can experience as real. Even the first « Atma », the first soul, the I-idea, already is second. By seeing that you are not what you can experience you are that absolute seer, which can never be changed by anything that can be seen or experienced. And that is silence. And then there is this immense peace. »


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