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Love Island’s Eyal hints he's found love

He didn’t find love in the villa, but Love Island’s Eyal Booker hints he’s on his way to finding ‘the one’ since being voted off the show. . Report by Lucy Jones.


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His sister is my sisters friend


what's their ethnicity

Ryan Hatt

Both are fucking melts

Taylor Williams

They definitely shag

max shepherd

He’s pretty cool now he’s not under the control of the stupid itv production team.

grdn rs

His sister is more interesting. She doesn't say much but Eyal says a lot but nothing relatable. One sentence his sis said: "it's awkward" yes Eyal is awkward to watch! I'm sure he's a good guy and a great brother and amazing son who doesn't get into trouble and worries their parents but like damn this guys personality is like my toast in the morning so dry

grdn rs

Why is his sister so much more relatable. I wish Love Island would cast normies instead of fake Barbie and Ken looking player types. I actually want them to find love not just like someone they have a physical chemistry but nothing else with.

Aoife Bourke

Yeah that’s incest so…

RSV Universal

Shes not impressed


she’s so gorgeous?

Mars :

She has pretty eyes

Ben Richards

but has he found a personality yet??

BenSturgess HD

Damn she ugly NIGGA


Her eyes are stunning

Ilya Danilov

This is me or he is wearing 3301 logo as neckless

Leo Nelson

he's so fucking annoying

Sky M

My lidl sister

Amy Ryan

That’s his sister like

Obitrice For life

Good to have a younger sister


Lmao boogie falls out his nose at 0:40

H Velasco

He’s actually a lovely boy, I think they edited him to be annoying on Love Island tbf


incest is not ok


Does anyone know the name of the song that’s quietly playing the background during the interview. Cheers

Pele Pac

He's got a calm vibe what a lad

Zak Zanotti

His sister is a rocket


i prefer him out of the villa

Wolf Golding

She looks young, Jesus Christ

Jenny Woodhead

Lol any tips? As in who it is. But Eyal thought she meant any tips on how to pull haha

Hamiz Bashir

Wow his little sister is beautiful

Rédiger par Pablo Servigne

Rien à faire, nulle part où aller

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