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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – January 24th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain talks about President Biden’s plans for vaccine distribution. Sen. Dick Durbin …


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Meet the Press is a crap show with a one sided biased opinion, NBC broadline does as well. It's hard to watch any News anymore because of this

Benjamin Gal-Or

\\ GOOD NEWS #2 Feb 10 //// COVID % Fatalities in 50 nations studied 80% less THAN IN EU, attributed mainly to SIMPLE DIET * GOOD TRENDS in US & S-AM * 97% COVID-19 Deaths in Israel of those NOT vaccinated * Data below reported by listed below nations to JHU, WHO, etc. re-ordered here, less any change, under 2 scientific methods, reveal key survival dependence of GROUP-A NATIONS by SIMPLE-DIET * NOT IN EU * METHOD (1) * DEATHS/1M POP * Jan 26 v Feb 10 * Blg1,822-1,887 * UK1570-1,716 * Itl1,421-1,546 * Hung1,231-1,340 * SP1,280-1,314 * Fr1,097-1,176 * Sws1,097-1,129 * Prtg1,043-1,416 * METHOD (2) * % Fatalities of diagnosed in GROUP B * Feb 10 * NL1.44 * Fin1.44 * U.S.1.72 * Sws1.81 * Swd2.06 * Sp2.10 * Fr2.39 * Brz2.43 * Cnda2.58 * Grmn2.74 * UK2.85 * AU3.15 * Itl3.46 * Grc3.62 * Irn3.96 * Cn5.17 * Mxc8.61 * US EARLIER * Oct 22 2.75 * MID JAN 1.67 * Feb 10 1.72 * GROUP A * Sngp0.05 * Mngo.09 * Bhtn.12 * FarId.15 * Qatr.16 * Dbai.28 * StBrt.28 * StVnc.31 * Mldv.33 * Tlnd.33 * Bhrn.35 * Mlas.37 * Sysc.44 * Curc.46 * Icln.48 * CyId.49 * SrLn.52 * Kwt.56 * Cyp.67 * Mrtn.69 * Cub.72 * Bora-Bora.74 * Isr.74 * Npl.75 * Uzb.78 * BrtIl.88 * Aruba.91 * Vnz.95 * Twn.96 * StMr.97 * We r what we eat, differing by DNA-DIET. ['in',10M+REFRS.Google, Supermaneuverability, Wkpd/U-tube].

Nita Helton

These corrupt people who have been involved in treasonous acts against America and the American people and the president Donald Trump have not learned anything from the President Donald Trump for he has done more for America and the American people than any other president has ever done and he has won the ELECTION FAIRLY and legally and He will be back in the White House and they are not ever going to Let anyone put America in danger of being destroyed by the Democratic party Ever again and the president Donald Trump will Stand up for the Country

Pablo Verga

Can't wait to see the clown impeachment trial to expose all criminal activities of the clown then it's DOJ job to convict the clown justice matters

Sergio Camargo

(Correspondence World Banks)

Sergio Camargo

(Correspondence World Nations) Let's toss the PBC coin on the table. (Purpose Based Curriculum) true enduring economic reform and innovation starts at early childhood. Students need tools to explore and imagine.

Sergio Camargo

(Correspondence World Banks)

Sergio Camargo

If today Xi's posture is considered a threat imagine if we do nothing and continue feeding him Euros …? It is not a matter of if but when and how? Casualties or attrition?

Sergio Camargo

The 2nd Amendment should be respected for those citizens whom follow the law. Meaning if you have been convicted of a felony since your purchase of a gun, assault refile, you lose your right to bare arms. We will buy it back.

Sergio Camargo

(Correspondence World Banks)

Sergio Camargo

(Correspondence World Banks)

Randi Lowery

OMFG, Chuck Todd has to be one of the most vapid and superficial "interviewers" of all time!!!

Tommy Lucas

Fake news selling out America one day at a time


Theres A lot of white people who don't want to take the vaccine either..a lot of people are afraid of taking it..not only black people ?

Martin Pizzo

Nothing will get done let them keep up with there crap as they destroy themself's within. China thinks this is great as they leave in us the dust. The damage is done you know what is next there is no way out of this forget the parties they are gonna continue the same & flush the country down the drain don't fool yourself no hope the damage is tremendous sell sell sell. EVERYONE WILL PAY for many years with a virus out of control. They should approves that from day one. No we still are dealing with the Donalds) B/S

Florida Cracker

This show is pathetic propaganda

Florida Cracker

Job killing joe doesn't have a brain in his Damned old head

jack diamond

4 more years of racism!! Hold onto your hats!! Jim Crow how bidden is about to tear things up even more!!

Calvin Newlands

This show is a joke

Ken Waller

Man this show sucks a bunch of white elitist living in their tv fantasyland…….man!

Ed Damarlane

Enjoy 6 to 8 dollars a gallon of gas. How blind you sheep are.


Democrat sounding board. You’re believing everything you’re supposed to based on what’s being designed for you. You’re not clever or smart. You’re victim politic, intersectionalist idiots. It’s really disgusting. Can’t wait for this to go sideways and see you get hacked with machetes. Like in a proper banana republic.

Douglas Caceres

Wait a second! Kalama Harris is now good RACIST Biden,? She's on record calling him a RACISTS and sexual predator! ?

Legit Pairv2

The talented hardhat commonly tickle because waterfall recently float times a testy open. actually, valuable decision

David R. Stone

? Fraudulent president Joe Biden the US Job killer. The incompetent Biden administration is set to ban new leases on oil and gas drilling on federal lands and waters for one year. The American Petroleum Institute projects 1 million job losses could occur by 2022. Currently the oil and gas industry provides 10.3 million jobs in the United States, with workers making an average salary of $101,181.

James Hutchins

The party splits make sense and should be taken into account when trying to examine legislation as members of the American citizenry.

James Hutchins

Lindsey Graham should not be listened to. Why? He along with Rubio, Cruz, McConnell and Hawling enabled Trump all the time.

Nhat Vua



I mean, really. Republicans invented Obstructionism in Obama's presidency. For what? They want no progress for diverse America, so they call all progress whatsoever "far left". Moral bankruptcy.

Covid-19 suffering must & will end soon but the international community need answers to the root cause of this pandemic. Anyone reading this message, Stay safe, stay blessed. ???????????

Michael Matthiesen

How are they gonna have a tweaker on the panel? Wtf? Dude is obviously lifted

Michael Matthiesen

"Cant impeach a former president" soo… what youre saying…. is its totally okay for every outgoing president to attempt a coup as a sort of hail mary because actions no longer have consequences once they leave office?

frac C

so all crimes Trump committed will go unpunished. really! then try him as a citizen with crimes against America.

Rédiger par Pablo Servigne

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