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Rolling Stones open Berlin Film Festival

The Rolling Stones have launched the 58th Berlin Film Festival with their Martin Scorcese-directed concert film, Shine a Light. Test.


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keef is the best


i fully agree with you.
god i wish mick jagger was younger. lol. hes over 60 and still hot




One good song? LOL You can't be taken seriously with a comment like that.

Travis Simmons

the stones are the best thing that ever happened to rock n roll ever. theres no other band that has ever lasted as long as them STONES 4EVER


April 4th is the premiere.

Roberta Trevisan

I want to see this movie!! I'm very, very anxious!!

Maria Bonet Sáinz

simply the best Band in the world

B Kilmainham

I fucking love the rolling stones, saw them last year at Slane greatest mother fucking day ever!!!!
All u cunts down there can fuck the hell off! The Stones fucking created music(well thats an exaduration but i'm kinda drunk so it stands), and nearly everyone in music today is some how influenced by the stones!


why the fuck is this featured?

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